A one on one personal consultation with Sharon will help her determine your current nutritional profile, food choices and general state of health. You will learn new strategies regarding salt, sugar and fat and why just counting calories, just won’t work. A personal five day nutritional assessment is included as part of the consultation, and is discussed when completed. Menu selection, Portion control, adding a few new food items to your world, and removing a couple of unhealthy ones will give you a head start on achievable nutritional targets and healthy nutritional habits.

Your follow up consultation with Sharon will include a one on one review of the personal five day nutritional assessment you filled out. Feedback on what worked for you, and any difficulties encountered, will help Sharon custom tailor a nutritional plan that fits you lifestyle and nutritional needs. Additional strategies to help you achieve your nutritional goals are also discussed as well as easy recipes and healthy eating tips. Sharon’s goal is to make your nutritional management program easy, fun, healthy and tasty.

She will also determine your individual needs in regards to the frequency of our time together. Everyone is different and I will work with you to find the options that work for your nutritional goals and with your schedule.

When the refrigerator is full and nothing “looks good” to eat, expanding food choices and creating a master grocery list are key steps to healthier eating. As a follow up to Sharon Madsen’s “Lets go shopping for nutritious foods”, “Pantry and Refrigerator 101” helps you solve the “nothing looks good” dilemma we sometimes face at home.

Strategies like “a salad bar” in your refrigerator, and healthy alternatives for “favorites” are included. Sharon will help you create a “keep it or ditch it” list for foods your not sure about. Food shelf life, storage and food safety are also covered. Shopping, stocking and pre-preparing high nutrient food for the week, will help you get healthier and save money. You are what you eat, so let Sharon Madsen “Help you make sense of food” and keep your pantry and refrigerator stocked with he “good stuff’.

In one of the most popular consults, Sharon will accompany you to the grocery store where you will walk the aisles together, learn how to read food labels, discuss dietary and nutritional differences between products and select healthy substitutions right off the shelves.

Includes a free copy of Sharon’s latest book, “Helping You Make Sense of Food.”

Includes the 1) Initial Consultation, 2) Shopping & Pantry 101 and 3) Let’s Go Shopping for Nutritious Foods at a savings of $20 over individual pricing. 
A great package that gets your healthy food lifestyle off to a running start!

This one on one cooking class with Sharon will help you explore new food possibilities, increase your confidence in the kitchen and make better nutrition part of your lifestyle. Healthy Choices with easy recipes, and a wealth of practical kitchen tips make this class valuable for beginners and more accomplished Chefs.

A five day meal strategy that includes crock pots and casseroles and Frozen favorites from your own kitchen take the stress out of family meal planning. As a Bonus, Sharon will provide a “Recipe Make over”. Everyone has a favorite recipes that probably could be a little bit healthier.   By using choices that make “Foodsense” Sharon will help you create a healthy treat that everyone will look forward to.

Shopping, Ingredient preparation, cooking and storage solutions are all part of Sharon’s unique “Raw” and Vegetarian strategies. Recipes for interesting, flavorful and nutritious raw and vegetarian dishes are included in the presentation and demonstration.

“Raw” Cinnamon Rolls, “Raw Butternut Squash and Apple soup, “Raw” Mock Tuna Salad, Vegetarian Slow Cooker Lasagna, Vegetarian Brown Rice Stir Fry and Vegetarian Asparagus Frittatas are some of the recipes discussed.

Healthy lifestyle choices are made easy with Sharon’s simple common sense approach. In addition, Sharon’s background as a Western Herbalist adds an added dimension to the class when it comes to the health benefits of many of natures herbs and spices.

Prioritizing nutrition and fueling yourself with real food is an important step in meeting your goals. Sharon offers ways to improve optimal nutritional intake through informed, no-nonsense decision-making and commitment. This is not your basic class on 100 “Healthy Ways to Cook Chicken… don’t miss it.

This is one class that will put to rest all the myths that have surrounded the subject of cholesterol for years… everyone with a different opinion. Sharon will define good cholesterol from bad, once and for all. Come and learn those foods that spike cholesterol and those that reduce it. Did you know all oatmeal is not created equal? Surprised? Find out who’s telling the truth.

Sharon shares unique and proven strategies and great recipes for maintaining a healthy diet while on a busy schedule. Moms. Dads, students and almost everyone can benefit from improving their grab and go selections. Sharon shares how “Eating for Fuel” can help you power through the day.

Topics covered include:
– Staying out of the “Drive Through.” Feed you and your family a “healthy meal ” in a hurry and save money too.
– Packing an ice chest for School, Games, Work or Travel.
– Easy Crock Pot Dinners that will be ready when you are.
– “Morning” and the Night before. Fast and Healthy breakfast suggestions.

– Cooking and prepping on Sunday to get you thru to Thursday.  (includes the five day rule).


Some foods in the modern diet can cause an inflammatory response in certain individuals. Let Sharon show you the foods and supplements that naturally help the body fight inflammation, lower cholesterol and reduce blood pressure. Building better nutritional habits or “eating the right stuff” will help your body compliment it’s ability to heal itself.

Sharon will also share her thoughts and experience with Herbs, Essential Oils, Soothing teas and Holistic products, natural alternative products and ideas that may increase your body’s healing efforts

As a mom, learn how to fuel your kids with nutritional food they will love. Build their immune system with a balance of fruits, vegetables, protein sources and essential nutrients that will improve their mood, and build concentration in the classroom. You can take control… learn how.

Maintaining a healthy body really is a lifestyle decision. Proper diet without exercise or a positive outlook only gets you part of the way there. It is my goal to help you make sense of food and get you started in the direction of a Healthy Weight Lifestyle. Empowering you to make good eating choices is the first step.

Some of the fundamentals we will talk about are:
– Including more plant based foods that are higher in iron and protein.
– Consuming the “good” fats that are essential for good health.
– Managing Salt, Sugar and Fat intake for a healthy functioning metabolism.
– Eating for fuel instead of for full.

Together we will create a personalized plan for your individual weight loss needs and goals.

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