Food Sense A to Z – Helping you make sense of food

We all choose foods to match our emotions and many of us have been known to “grab and go” when it comes to eating. This “drive-through” life style seldom makes nutritional sense and over the long haul often leads to serious health issues. Sharon Madsen is a Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Author, and Public Speaker. She provides integrated counseling, coaching, support and training to help her clients learn and implement, Healthy lifestyle nutritional habits with a common sense approach. For those who have slipped into bad habits and even worse, health consequences, Sharon offers hope through better food choices. For parents who want to keep their family healthy by eating real food, and staying out of the drive-through lane, Sharon offers her real life proven expertise. In “Helping You Make Sense of Food”, Sharon also shares some of her extensive nutritional knowledge and easy to follow strategies for stocking your refrigerator with healthy choices. Fantastic, tasty recipes are included to help you feed yourself and your family food that makes nutritional sense. From foods to boost your mood to awesome healthy entrees Sharon Madsen’s Foodsense A to Z is a go to for “Helping You Make Sense of Food!”


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